Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer Is Here - Relax With No Worries

We all have waited for this special time of year when the kids are out of school and can play with friends outdoors. Simple fun like letting the garden hose run over a plastic tarp can keep them busy for hours. It is time for chalk drawing on the sidewalk and my granddaughter's favorite thing is searching to find the newborn baby kittens. She knows not to touch so momma kitty doesn't hide them again but... she always does.

Great the kids are busy so you can get some of those projects done around the house. Put the fence enclosure around your property 1st on that list. American Iron Fence can provide all you need for this do-it-yourself project. Solid steel perimeter wrought iron fence that will last for generations. Best part is you just let it age with the surface oxidizing to a deep rust color. No maintenance and the hoop and spear styling modeled from antique fence looks beautiful.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Picking a Career or Career Pick"s You

Looking back today I see that the rustic garden decor business choose me. I grew up with antiques and when we were first married we moved into my grandmothers furnished home. Her old used furniture that she purchased at the second hand store had become valuable antiques.

I was thrilled with my life, grateful for our home on the family farm, and excited to set up housekeeping with all of my families antique furniture and collectibles.

I began refinishing the furniture and purchasing more like items to coordinate with all my vintage things. Soon the neighbors were asking me to repair and refinish their antiques. That was great since I was home with 2 young children. Then.... the buy sell BUG bit me. During the 1980's I traveled from show to show and had my own antique shop. What Fun!

My girl friend began selling the wrought iron garden products and encouraged me to sell them also. Not Me. I love antiques! She would not leave me along about it so I began dabbling with metal trellises and some fencing. Wow it has consumed my life now and providing our customers with all styles of outdoor garden structures and fencing is all I have time for now. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Solid Steel Fencing and Gates Made in Illinois

If you are needing a secure metal fence to surround your yard or business then our hoop and arrow pattern is a good choice.

Our customers are using our 3', 4', 5' and 6' tall fence to keep their children and animals safe in there yard.

Business owners are finding it a good fit for enclosing their businesses. Many shop owners need to control access to the business during the night and we can provide gates that lock in all sizes to fit securely.

I know that Made in the USA means allot to most Americans and we are very busy here in middle Illinois making the fencing and adjusting the gates to fit each customers needs.

Before I sign off on this blog I want to let you know the most important thing. When you are thinking about fencing in your yard all you have to do is call us. We do answer the phone and are here to help you figure it all out. American Iron Fence and Garrett Ingram will look at your measurements and figure it right to the inch. It pays to buy products made in the USA.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

How The Selling Business Worked For Me

I have a theory as to why our business is successful...

Short Story: Always, I did not settle for less just because it was easier. When learning to sew I choose the hard suit coats with lapels just because that was what was in style a the time. I could have compromised for the easier project but I want what I want. I can do it. When working the antique business and things were slow I would refinish for other people to keep it all going.

Like mother like son....  Garrett never takes the short route to make a gate fit or latch work. We look at our business with this in mind. If we were making this for us how would we do it? That is how we build products for our customers and we know from the feedback we receive that they do appreciate our work.

The other reason that A Rustic Garden's website has been working well is have good people around you. Our support system is very good.

Lastly Lady Luck has been good to me. Hope she sticks around a long, long time. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Garden Boarder Fence - Pick Your Design

Pick your style. Wrought iron border edging fence can be a useful accent in your garden. Choose a plainer pattern or pick fencing with a design that becomes a focal point for your area.

This pattern resembles the pineapple fruit which happens to be a symbol of warmth and welcome.

Some styles of edging fence connect and they will work well to discourage your dog from finding a comfortable place to nap and destroy all your flowers. Sometimes you just need to detour your dog. 

Coordinate you boarder fencing with you home's color pallet. Black is very popular but many customers are liking our new fashion colors. Creamy yellow, antique white or my favorite vintage turquoise are all good picks. 

Boarder fence can define a flower garden while keeping your pets in their own area and add an interesting design.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Gate? Trellis? Old Fashioned Look But Functional

I can remember when I just 5 or 6 years old going out to the chicken yard and entering through a gate just like this one. You had to squeeze the lever back and it was hard to do at my age.

Grandmother lived right across the road from me and I visited every day. She was always busy doing something. Making cookies, planting or harvesting the garden and taking care of the chickens and turkeys. Just past the chicken yard was berry patch and the apple orchard. She was busy but never really rushed at the chores and always laid down for a short nap in the afternoon.

Oh yes another daily duty was separating the milk after my dad would bring it to the back porch. The cream would come to the top and be saved to make butter. I still have the wooden butter paddle and bowl she used. I am definitely the keeper of all the family goodies. She had 2 baskets that she used to pick rhubarb and asparagus and they sit on top of my cherry corner cupboard. The spice cabinet still hangs on the kitchen wall. I should mention that she passed in the early 1960's and my husband and I moved into her home in the mid 1970's. We have all the modern conveniences - electronic and appliances with comfy seating in the living room. Everything else is OLD. Really old! The 1848 two story home is filled with mementos and memories from earlier times.

The old garden gate brings a flood of memories and know that the gates that we make here in Illinois will be the start of new memories for our customer's families. We offer the coordinating fencing and found our customers needed gates so we make them to fit their openings. Some just love the look and use it as a trellis for their climbing flowers.