Thursday, August 6, 2015

It's All About Color These Days

It is only natural to coordinate color when considering your next purchase.

We changed our paint colors and for our clients by adding flashy colors like Colonial Red and Turquoise. We are seeing more and more people choose these colors each day.

The funny part is our paint departments attitude also changed with our new colors. All of a sudden they loved each new color. They began suggesting new products to paint "flashier".

If changing up the color becomes fun in a work environment just think of the impact it will have in your home and especially your patio and garden areas. Black is not the choice for wrought iron anymore.

Those of you in climates that change should consider a few pops of color on a wrought iron arbor during the colder months when the perennials go dormant.

Each year new colors become the IN Color in all the things we see in stores and magazines. The popular neutral color right now is shades of Gray. Bright Green and Turquoise is dotted throughout for the eye to focus on. It really is All About Color these days.  


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