Saturday, May 6, 2017

Loop Top Woven Wire Fence Availible For Shipping Next Week

 Loop top fencing has been sold out here in the US for quite awhile and those that appreciate this great economical woven wire fencing have been searching the web looking for a supplier. Our American Iron Fence company decided to have this popular easy to install fence made. We commissioned it to be a made heavier and stronger than ever before and have it in 3' and 4' tall rolls.

Notice the gates are made with a more decorative ornamental designed top. We have just a few gates for the amount of fencing so if you are needing gates don't wait because they will be sold out soon. Our fencing will arrive next week so orders will start shipping immediately. This is the perfect time of year to complete your fencing project. Install to keep your homes yard enclosed for your children and animals safety.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Ornamental Loop Top Woven Wire Fencing Is On The Way

This is the fencing just like Grandma used to have. Wonderful economical woven wire fencing was used often during the middle 1900's and can sell be the best solution for perimeter yard fencing.

The twisted and crimped wire is now made in a heavy gauge with a galvanized surface. We are very proud to offer this upgraded version of the loop top fence.

Many people have been searching this type of yard fence since the United States manufacturer discontinued making it in 2015 when the factory closed.

We almost have it ready to ship as of April 2017 so get your orders in place for this shipment. We are going to offer a few gates but they are very limited.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wrought Iron Gates Used in Dog Groomers Kennel

Cindy Wardle owner of Dazzling Dogs Salon in Mt. Sterling IL created her kennels using wrought iron gates. Each gate was made by hand to fit the space then painted black which is a striking contrast to the white walls and flooring.

What a Great Look! I know as a dog owner I love going there and seeing my cute little Maltese all pretty waiting for me to pick her up.

No wasted space here with wall to wall pens to handle several dogs at one time. Cindy told me that she liked putting large dogs in the outside pens so they could utilize the window and watch the world go by.   

Monday, March 21, 2016

Don't we love our pets

Think of all the purchases we make for our pets. How cute they look in clothes. But many others sales for our pets are to keep them safe and secure. Many yards have perimeter metal fencing designed to keep dogs out of harms way. 

Recently American Iron Fence sold several sections of 5ft wrought iron fence to contain 2 large dogs. The fencing was fitted with posts and a gate to make up 3 walls. The 4th wall was the customers garage where they installed a doggie door so their pets could get in out of the elements. 

My pet fencing purchase is a little different. I fenced in my fish pond to keep my grandchildren from falling in. I suppose that will keep the fish safe too. 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Wrought Iron or Metal Shutters for Exterior Windows and Doors

Window dressing for the exterior of your home. Adding curtains and shades inside your home is what we do naturally when we decorate. Just think how many options the retail stores offer to guide you to the right look for your home and your tastes.

Outdoor decorating is a different matter. Many paint their front door an eye catching color. Planters and flowers are included in the landscaping. There are a few shutter choices offered at the big lumbers yards but American Iron Fence has a better option. Ornate metal or wrought iron shutters to compliment your doors or windows add  lovely accents that will catch everyone's eye.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Beefy Large - The Biggest Heaviest Metal Posts

No kidding - we make the strongest metal posts to hang heavy gates and fencing. The wrought iron fence design dates back to the late 1800's and our fencing resembles that.

Our customers were asking us to build large gates to enclose their property and of course beefy strong posts were necessary. We have taken the gate post a higher level by adding toppers to add more style.

Function  Yes - Beauty Yes - Most importantly they will last for ever!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Garrett Ingram Making Metal Fence And Gates

Garrett Ingram owner of American Iron Fence - is on the job designing new gates that fit. Yep that is my son. Real people here in middle Illinois making wrought iron fence and gates to enclose your yard and property.

Each piece is made by hand and adjusted so you know your investment is a good one. Understand that the fencing is modeled after antique ones made 100 years ago. Strong and looks good too with a good investment.