Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Garden Boarder Fence - Pick Your Design

Pick your style. Wrought iron border edging fence can be a useful accent in your garden. Choose a plainer pattern or pick fencing with a design that becomes a focal point for your area.

This pattern resembles the pineapple fruit which happens to be a symbol of warmth and welcome.

Some styles of edging fence connect and they will work well to discourage your dog from finding a comfortable place to nap and destroy all your flowers. Sometimes you just need to detour your dog. 

Coordinate you boarder fencing with you home's color pallet. Black is very popular but many customers are liking our new fashion colors. Creamy yellow, antique white or my favorite vintage turquoise are all good picks. 

Boarder fence can define a flower garden while keeping your pets in their own area and add an interesting design.


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