Thursday, June 19, 2014

Picking a Career or Career Pick"s You

Looking back today I see that the rustic garden decor business choose me. I grew up with antiques and when we were first married we moved into my grandmothers furnished home. Her old used furniture that she purchased at the second hand store had become valuable antiques.

I was thrilled with my life, grateful for our home on the family farm, and excited to set up housekeeping with all of my families antique furniture and collectibles.

I began refinishing the furniture and purchasing more like items to coordinate with all my vintage things. Soon the neighbors were asking me to repair and refinish their antiques. That was great since I was home with 2 young children. Then.... the buy sell BUG bit me. During the 1980's I traveled from show to show and had my own antique shop. What Fun!

My girl friend began selling the wrought iron garden products and encouraged me to sell them also. Not Me. I love antiques! She would not leave me along about it so I began dabbling with metal trellises and some fencing. Wow it has consumed my life now and providing our customers with all styles of outdoor garden structures and fencing is all I have time for now. 


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