Thursday, June 12, 2014

Solid Steel Fencing and Gates Made in Illinois

If you are needing a secure metal fence to surround your yard or business then our hoop and arrow pattern is a good choice.

Our customers are using our 3', 4', 5' and 6' tall fence to keep their children and animals safe in there yard.

Business owners are finding it a good fit for enclosing their businesses. Many shop owners need to control access to the business during the night and we can provide gates that lock in all sizes to fit securely.

I know that Made in the USA means allot to most Americans and we are very busy here in middle Illinois making the fencing and adjusting the gates to fit each customers needs.

Before I sign off on this blog I want to let you know the most important thing. When you are thinking about fencing in your yard all you have to do is call us. We do answer the phone and are here to help you figure it all out. American Iron Fence and Garrett Ingram will look at your measurements and figure it right to the inch. It pays to buy products made in the USA.


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