Saturday, August 30, 2014

Handmade Gate Finished and Installed

Feeling really good to get this large project finished. We will be painting it soon but that is easy compared to building and installing this large driveway gate.

Right here in middle Illinois the deer are thick in the woods and hunters buy up tracks of land to bow hunt the big bucks.

This hunting lodge is near us and we were thrilled to get to built the large gate at their entrance. We had to increase the size of our welders table to create this grand driveway gate.

The vertical rods are made to resemble arrows. The tops are finished with cast iron finials and the bottom of each rod has metal attached to look like the feathers.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Since we have been selling and shipping wrought iron arbors for 15 years we feel that we have a pretty good idea on what our customers are looking for. EVERYTHING.

Yep  they want it all. Large, small, wide, narrow, strong, and they diffinitly what many, many different styles to choose from.

Not a problem with all the different garden arbors. We seem to find new ones to offer all the time. Just got a new one today and can't wait to get new pictures of this solid steel arch with curly heart designs throughout.

This new arbor will sure to attract wedding designers. The young couples that they design for will love it's look and outdoor weddings need an arbor to create the perfect place to pledge their love and exchange vows.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Customers Send Us The Best Pictures

Early on at A Rustic Garden we asked our customers to send us pictures of their projects. As a fencing company we can not recreate very many different situations to show what our wrought iron fencing can do.

Living day to day with your fencing right outside becomes a photo shoot during all 4 seasons. It was 100 degrees here today when I decided to write about this gorgeous picture of our 5' wrought iron fencing. The white snow on the rustic brown fence beams the beauty of nature.

When it is so hot outside and I am concentrating on this snowy picture makes my brain waves cross... I live in middle Illinois so we do see many season changes which brings dramatic changes from one month to another. I have always wished to live farther south during the worst of the winter months but realize how much I would miss.  

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Building the Big Gates

Yes we do make big wrought iron driveway gates. This one pictured is just the right half and is 12' wide x 8' tall. As you can imagine it is really heavy and will last a lifetime.

We custom make these large gates and this one will get installed at a Bow Hunters Lodge. Each vertical rod has a cast iron finial that symbolizes  the top of  an arrow. We are in the process of adding metal parts to the bottom of the vertical rods to represent the feathers on each arrow.

We know that each customer has a different interest in life and we often are asked to create unusual accents to fit their tastes. Truly it does get interesting around here.