Monday, August 25, 2014

Customers Send Us The Best Pictures

Early on at A Rustic Garden we asked our customers to send us pictures of their projects. As a fencing company we can not recreate very many different situations to show what our wrought iron fencing can do.

Living day to day with your fencing right outside becomes a photo shoot during all 4 seasons. It was 100 degrees here today when I decided to write about this gorgeous picture of our 5' wrought iron fencing. The white snow on the rustic brown fence beams the beauty of nature.

When it is so hot outside and I am concentrating on this snowy picture makes my brain waves cross... I live in middle Illinois so we do see many season changes which brings dramatic changes from one month to another. I have always wished to live farther south during the worst of the winter months but realize how much I would miss.  


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