Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Custom Made Stairway Railing to Match Yard Fencing

When the client needs something special to coordinate with their project we jump at the chance.

We helped this person surround their yard with our wrought iron fencing and they had 4 steps leading to their entrance. It was the natural thing to try and match there stair railing to their fencing they just installed.

One phone call to Garrett at the American Iron Fence Co and 2 weeks later this railing was on the way to the client.

Having that Can Do way of thinking is helpful in business and Garrett Ingram has all of that. He understands that fitting our products means making adjustments and many times he starts from scratch and builds the products to fit the space. Jobs not over yet. The next step to figure how to ship the unusual shaped item clear across the country and then find the best shipping price with the freight companies. The end result is the customer has a product Made In The USA and with expert workmanship that will last for generations.


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