Friday, August 7, 2015

There is a Structure for Everyone - All from One Arbor

The phone is always ringing at American Iron Fence Co and answering questions helps the client learn but today I realized that I learn new ideas from my clients also.

It all started with a Wrought Iron Arbor that would need to be more than 60" wide. That was her 1st requirement. These wide arbors are hard to find but we have a few and we also can adjust our Mission arbor in many lengths, heights and by using connecting rods we transform the arbor into a pergola.

The part that I learned was that shade is always a need and adding a little fabric to an arbor can do that. The other idea she suggested was to make our pergola a lean-to. The fabric will dispense rain water better and become a self standing porch. Since we carry the Mission arbor in 2 heights I really think our welding department can produce the lean-to pergola that this client wants.

With just a little customization one simple Mission arbor transforms into many structures to meet our clients needs. 


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