Thursday, August 13, 2015

New Gate Working With Skiview Arbor

Making it fit is what American Iron fence Co does each day. Every client has a different dream of what their end result will be.

We do have several wonderful arbor gates. Not every time are they a favorite. If the client picks an arbor but needs a gate Garrett will draw it up and fit it perfectly. Our welders are used to the sentence "Can you add this - Can you fit this to this"?

Understand that our products are not in a million pieces so it fits in a tiny box for shipping. This is good for the customer but since they have very little assembly when they receive our products. We have to ship these large items and work with many shipping companies to get it down reasonably whether it ships to a business address or right to the clients home.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Before & After - Wrought Bed Made From Fencing

Pictures show everything in this post. We were asked to make a bed from our fencing and it turned out wonderful. We can not take all the credit. Our client picked out the wrought iron fencing she loved and the color combo that we painted the bed.  Our welding department always comes through for us when we are asked to customize one of our wrought iron products.

Friday, August 7, 2015

There is a Structure for Everyone - All from One Arbor

The phone is always ringing at American Iron Fence Co and answering questions helps the client learn but today I realized that I learn new ideas from my clients also.

It all started with a Wrought Iron Arbor that would need to be more than 60" wide. That was her 1st requirement. These wide arbors are hard to find but we have a few and we also can adjust our Mission arbor in many lengths, heights and by using connecting rods we transform the arbor into a pergola.

The part that I learned was that shade is always a need and adding a little fabric to an arbor can do that. The other idea she suggested was to make our pergola a lean-to. The fabric will dispense rain water better and become a self standing porch. Since we carry the Mission arbor in 2 heights I really think our welding department can produce the lean-to pergola that this client wants.

With just a little customization one simple Mission arbor transforms into many structures to meet our clients needs. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

It's All About Color These Days

It is only natural to coordinate color when considering your next purchase.

We changed our paint colors and for our clients by adding flashy colors like Colonial Red and Turquoise. We are seeing more and more people choose these colors each day.

The funny part is our paint departments attitude also changed with our new colors. All of a sudden they loved each new color. They began suggesting new products to paint "flashier".

If changing up the color becomes fun in a work environment just think of the impact it will have in your home and especially your patio and garden areas. Black is not the choice for wrought iron anymore.

Those of you in climates that change should consider a few pops of color on a wrought iron arbor during the colder months when the perennials go dormant.

Each year new colors become the IN Color in all the things we see in stores and magazines. The popular neutral color right now is shades of Gray. Bright Green and Turquoise is dotted throughout for the eye to focus on. It really is All About Color these days.  

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Custom Made Stairway Railing to Match Yard Fencing

When the client needs something special to coordinate with their project we jump at the chance.

We helped this person surround their yard with our wrought iron fencing and they had 4 steps leading to their entrance. It was the natural thing to try and match there stair railing to their fencing they just installed.

One phone call to Garrett at the American Iron Fence Co and 2 weeks later this railing was on the way to the client.

Having that Can Do way of thinking is helpful in business and Garrett Ingram has all of that. He understands that fitting our products means making adjustments and many times he starts from scratch and builds the products to fit the space. Jobs not over yet. The next step to figure how to ship the unusual shaped item clear across the country and then find the best shipping price with the freight companies. The end result is the customer has a product Made In The USA and with expert workmanship that will last for generations.